Wednesday, June 14

Day 2

So today I'm planning on going straight home rather then run errands which I've done so far this week. And I can hit country produce, love that grocery store, before they close. I need to get my veggie bags all cut up and sorted. I like to prepare individual veggie bags with a variety of veggies so my husband or I can grab it and go. And also need to boil up some hard boiled eggs, something else I enjoy tossing in my lunch box.

Foods Eaten
Nature Valley granola Bars (2 pcs.) - 5pts.

hummus and ww crackers - 3pts

Small salad with crap meat and dressing - 3pts
2 cups of watermelon - 2pts

NV sweet n' salty bar - 4pts

Cauliflower n' dip - 1pt
PC Blue chicken pizza - 11pts

Water - 64 fl.oz. of 99.4

Total Points:
29pts (allowed 24/day - 16/35 weekly allowance used)

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