Friday, June 16

Day 4

I can't wait to sleep a little later tomorrow. To not have to get out of bed at the sound of an alarm clock or rather the music it plays is awesome. Luckily my internal clock wakes me up around 9am which isn't sleeping in considering sleeping in use to mean I was getting up around 12noon or later depending on the previous nights events. Tomorrow my husband (love calling him that now, yeah! 3 weeks married today) are planning to do some work around the house/yard and then head south to visit my Dad and Step mom for the rest of the weekend. Sunday afternoon will be spent with lots of family in celebration of fathers day. And of course we'll get to see Brandy (my brother, technically speaking, I'm sure only dog lovers will think I'm not completely crazy) He went in for an operation on his back leg Wednesday and the vet said he's doing good and is already trying to stand on it. Thank goodness! As my step mom doesn't have any kids (other then my sister and I of course) Brandy is definitely considered to be her "baby" in every sense of the word. She cried when they dropped Brandy off for us to baby sit for 2 weeks and then she cried again when we brought him home, I'm sure those where happy tears though!

Foods Eaten
Strawberries + NV PB sweet n' salty bar- 5 pt

Veggies + dip - 2pts

Roasted Veggie Lasagna - 6pts

Blue pc chicken pizza - 11pts

Water - ____fl.oz. of 99.4

Total Points:
24pts (allowed 24/day - 22/35 weekly allowance used)

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