Tuesday, June 20

Day 8

So when the heck am I going to get into the excercise part of my healthy lifestyle?? I'm hosting an open house this weekend for all our friends and colleagues we couldn't have at the wedding so after we get this last bit of wedding celebrating out of the way I'll be good. Tired but it will all be over. And then all that will be left to do is write the thank-you notes... I don't even want to think about that just yet. No excuses now that we've rec'd the pictures from our photographer. And don't forget the paperwork of changing my last name.

So with the help of sparkpeople.com I have a weight-lifting program 3 days a week and I'm adding Turbo in for the cardio days. And I really want to get back into walking on my lunch breaks whenever I can. I'm really bad at not taking my breaks and always eating lunch at my desk. I need to get away from this place so I can recharge my batteries and be pumped to go home and workout after a long days work. Well not that long only 8:30 to 4:30pm which are great hours but this place will suck the life out of you if given the chance and I've already put in just over a year of chances.

Foods Eaten
NV PB bar - 5pts
1 small plum - 1 pt

instant veggie chili - 4pts

dinner at caseys - small variety of appatizers shared with husband - 18pts

Water - 50 fl.oz. of 99.4

Total Points:
28pts (allowed 24/day - 4/35 weekly allowance used)

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