Tuesday, March 11

*big sigh*

I feel like I'm coasting... not really getting anywhere, going anywhere or getting anything accomplished. and to top it off last week was a total write off. I missed 3 days from work and that is stressful when you work where I work. you'd better have a doctors note cause they're going to want proof, the fact that I couldn't talk wasn't proof enough, oh no not for this place. so last monday night was spent at the walk-in clinic, yes you are are sick, its viral, let it runs its course.... okay can I have a doctors note please?... they cost $10, no problem work will want it. then my husband got it and it knocked him out for the week too.

so this week is that week of recovering from being sick, the week of being sleepy and trying to catch up on everything that didn't get done last week. I'm giving myself this week to clean up all that stuff and the house etc and then this weekend I'll get my lunch prep stuff done so I can get back on the wagon next week.

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