Monday, March 17

well its a big fat NO, we are not pregnant. so that puts that to rest... now where is my period???? why now after all these years of avoiding pregnancy does AF give me the run around? urgh!!!

I took one test yesterday late afternoon and one this morning, both negative.

2 things that where different in the last couple of months was being very sick for almost two weeks and a reflexology appointment with a different reflexologist** then the first one I saw (on Feb. 14th). I should have got AF March 6th which was also when I started getting sick.

oh my goodness this is fun! *eyes rolling*

**saw a different reflexologist but one that was filling in for the first one I saw because reflexologist #1 is away for 2 months in Protugal... she's back in April.

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Christy said...

Sorry to hear about the negative. Mine was late this time around and I chalk it up to being sick.

Quite annoying that it's only when the time comes and you want AF to be on time, on schedule that it starts being wonky.

I hope it gets back on schedule soon so your attempts can start once again.