Wednesday, March 12

Thought it was interesting that on the same day my boss returns from holidays Workopolis would post these two articles in their weekly newsletter.


Tired all the time?

Derek Cassels

Many doctors will tell you the most common problem they see in their day-to-day practice is patients complaining they are tired. So tired in fact they find it difficult to function - and naturally that gets in the way of doing a good job or getting ahead in your career.

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The challenge of going back to work after a job-related burnout

Mathieu Guénette, M. Ed., c.o.,
SPB Organizational Psychology Consultant

No one is immune to a job-related burnout regardless of their profession, be that a machine operator, a manager, or a doctor. According to Statistics Canada, 3.4 million Canadian workers experienced a job-related burnout in 2004. Given that this trend is far from over, we thought it would be wise to explore the burnout phenomenon from a clinical perspective. In this article, we will attempt to better identify the issues facing employees on a job-related burnout and we will subsequently address a few organizational factors that can help these individuals get back to work.

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