Monday, March 17

my family is loosing it!!! LOL

first my MIL tells my husband that they want to become foster parents (I'm sorry but the only reason they are doing this is because they think they can make money, my stomach is turning just thinking about it and my husband is so hurt, they didn't support and encourage him in all he wanted to be and do so why now do they want to do it for someone else??)

second my sister called. my mom has been bugging her to ask me if she can come visit the same time my sister is coming in April..... what the he**. My parents are separated, my sister is staying with my dad and stepmom when she comes to visit and my husband and I will see her on the weekend when we are planning to go to Rochester for a little shopping, its my big 3-0 so I get what I want LOL what am I going to do with my mother if she was here two? seriously!!! this is typical of my mom's behaviour (I could write a book!), thank goodness my dad and stepmom are so easy going.

third, there is no third but give it time it's only 3:45pm!!!

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