Thursday, March 20

stress management

I'm looking into it, doing a little reading today, listening to podcasts etc.

On tap for this weekend.
- a workout or walk everyday
- clean up a couple of loose ends on client websites currently in development
- get the 2007 bookkeeping started, I hate that I leave this so late every year
- tie up as many loose ends as possible on my to do list
- submit a print order so I can whip that off my slate too
AND I'm going to start charting/temping again so I'll know next time if I don't/didn't ovulate, take the stress out of it. But its a such a catch 22, I can temp and chart and it keeps me in tune with my body but at the same time when it comes to that 2 week waiting period when you're waiting for the temp to rise and waiting for AF that it just causes stress of wondering if this time you where lucky enough to conceive.

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