Friday, March 14

i'm starting to realize that wanting to be and becoming pregnant are just about completely out of my/our control.

doing too much online reading... need to stop... but there are women out there that have a flow or even regular cycle even though they are pregnant and because of my current weight I can see how I could go without figuring out I'm pregnant for a little while, other then the tip off of a longer then usual cycle, this 39 day stuff is WAY out of the ordinary for me but the period first of Feb. (even though different then usual) is really throwing me off. I just have to keep out of my imagination and keep distracted for a while longer before I pick up a HPT.

I always thought when we started trying and I was doing the charting etc that come my first missed period I'd know right away. And now what? after trying for 5 months my cycle goes goofy on me? I have practically been able to predict my cycle to a t for years... I've always made an effort to note when it starts and stops.

anyways just a little rant :-)

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Christy said...

Yikes! So really, you've been regular for years until this month? That's a bit weird! Good luck with the HPT.