Thursday, March 20

holy crap..... I did it. My husband and I (well more him then me) wanted to take the "learn to roller blade" classes with parks and rec and I finally signed up today, we're good to go. Classes run for 10 weeks and start May 5th.
*huge gulp* Steppin' out of my box BIG time here.

Now I need to buy the roller blades and knee/wrist pads etc. I've got a helmet already.


Amuldoon said...

Hmm... I think I may look into this also!

Last time I tried roller blading I was 260lbs, and it wasn't a success!

Malinda said...

my husband and I have visions of that happy healthy couple who roller blades around the waterfront parks with the cute kids in the jogging stroller.

I'm kind scared... at least with ice skating there was usually a snowbank to plow into if you couldn't get stopped. lol