Wednesday, August 5

116 blogs, $7 for parking & coy fish

I have 116 blog feeds in my google reader... no they aren't all fertility/parent/mom/pregnancy related... I think that would drive me to CRAZY but sometimes when I open reader and find over 300 unread posts I find it hard to catch my breath...eekk I think it is time to do a little house keeping.

DH semen is in the hands of the outpatient lab. I never in my life want to hear myself say to another man "here's my husband's semen" Although the guy really didn't seem to be fazed at all by my statement. I'm just relieved they finally have it and now we can check that test off the list. I've know I've mentioned before the crazy process the lab here puts you through if you want to get this tests done but it wasn't until I emailed the fertility clinic and they told me I could drop it off myself it was finally 'game on' and I know we'd be able to finally cross this pretty big 'to do' off the list!

I thought about it later after sticking a $20 bill in the change machine for the $7 parking.. $20 in change people! $7 parking for all of 10 minutes in hospital... WTF! Anyways I thought about it later that I should have said here's my husband's sperm but technically I guess that could be incorrect. :-( I texted my DH "mission accomplished"... doc said we could call for results about a week after we dropped them off to lab. I'm relieved DH has a full weekend get-away of scuba diving to keep his mind occupied and not focused and worried about the results.

Last night I had the craziest dream about sperm... I dreamt that the SA test was basically planted like you'd plan flowers and if the sperm didn't smell bad after being planted and you could dig them up, they ended up pure white and look at them that meant DH sperm quality was good to go... in my dream DH sperm was good but what was REALLY weird they where the size of coy fish!!!!! LOL I'm thinking the episode of sharks biting tuna fish and then watching deadliest catch might have had something to do with said dream.

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