Wednesday, August 12

SA results

So the receptionist said that the results weren't complete yet but she could tell me some of the results

appearance: normal
vascosity (sp?): normal
mobility: low
sperm count: 37 (normal)

and as for my thyroid blood work... normal
cycle 29-31 days
ov watch is detecting ovulation (good god we're going to fall into the unknown fertility category... I can just feel it)

I've got a call into my naturopath and hope to hear from her soon. When I saw her yesterday she said she had supplements my husband could take to help. After I hear from her and get some supplements I think rather then see the doctor again I'll just book with the fertility clinic. First consult is $125 and a cycle monitoring is $120/cycle. I just feel as though this is the most direct root to figuring things out... vs. seeing our family doctor over and over again.

Thoughts ladies?

Something else I should be asking for? A next step? something you wished you'd done?

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