Monday, August 17


Feeling tired already this week and overwhelmed with these new work/project ideas that keep popping up in my head for my clients... I'm only one person but I can't keep the excitement to myself about one thing or another and then I find myself crapping my pants because I can't quite figure out how I'm going to get it ALL done! YIKES!

I'm a list maker... it comes second nature to me and having an iPhone and fun list making apps (love zenbe) makes it even easier... I LOVE hitting that check box on the list to make it disappear and drop to the bottom where all the other 'done' items pile up. But when I keep adding to the top of the list faster then I can get things crossed of I have to walk away and breath..... I need to find a way to bill people more appropriately for all my ideas... I'm a bit of a web fanatic/consultant at times talking about blogging, twitter, FB, online social networking, ways to keep your site on the minds of others as it relates to small business people an their potential customer.

But then of course there are the sweet arrangements I make with some of my clients... an exchange of services with an RMT! I have a massage scheduled tonight right after work! Can't wait! And then it's off to accupuncture tomorrow to hopefully keep whatever needs to be happening in there to get our BFP, happening!

Happy Monday everyone!

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InfertileNaomi said...

Twitter is definitely a great way to connect to people. Have a great weekend!