Monday, August 24


HSG has been scheduled for October 8th... could have gotten in for Sept. 17th but that would be just a couple days after my likely ovulation so would not work with my cycle.

I have booked a Friday/Monday off Sept 11/12/13/14 for a mini vacation with my DH. We'll be off camping somewhere before it gets too cold and hopefully some scuba diving for my husband if there are any charters running in Tobermory. Or we'll head to Algonquin for some hiking.

Here's a couple of pictures from last Wednesday night. A weekly dive night for one of the dive shops here. DH first dive after completing his certification! woohooo!

All those diving heading back out of the water...

Silly husband - this was him after the dive.

Daytona and I went for a walk and then waited for DH to surface again.

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Amaprincess said...

Here is hoping your HSG is MUCH better than mine! =)