Tuesday, August 11

Fertile Day 1 - CD 19

Okay, here we go! LOL

Is it odd that I kinda want to hold off on finding out the SA results so we have a good 'go' at this months TTC efforts... not that I'm worried that he's the issue but that if all is good I'll be stressing that it's me... and what's wrong with me? If that doesn't send me running to the doctor again I don't know what else will.

Isn't this fun?! :-(

I did an awesome, super intense yoga class last night. I think I'm over the foundation classes for now. I was starting to feel restless and found it really hard to stay present in the class. Last nights kick ass yoga was just what I needed and oh boy did I ever sweat! Dripping in my eyes, yoga clothes soaked, hair damp...sweat and I Loved it! So now it'll be Mon./Wed. for that class and 2 classes on Thursday vinyasa and restorative. woohooo!

Off to get poked with some needles right after work, then veggie/fruit market and home again to make a proper lunch for tomorrow... as for dinner... oh who knows... we're off our planning schedule this week so no groceries or meal plan was created on Sunday.


fresh images said...

Have fun doing it!

Anonymous said...

My DH's mobility was technically low b/c the volume of sperm (I'm not sure that's the tech term) was so high. If the number of "champs" is good then the there is really nothing to worry about. Have you had an HSG or a laparoscopy done?

*hugs* I know how frustrating TTC can be...my DH and I have been on this road for 2.5 yrs.

malinda said...

no HSG or lap done yet... booked our first visit to the fertility clinic!

I'm thinking cycle monitoring hopefully with my next cycle if we don't get lucky this cycle.

Most of the time I think I'm handling all this TTC disappointment but everyday there are little moments where I'm not convinced... luckily those moments pass quickly.