Wednesday, August 12

Fertility Clinic

First consult is BOOKED and I'm feeling super lucky that they are actually able to see us this week! Our appointment is for Sunday a.m. woohooo!

I hadn't talked to DH before booking it but he seems ready for it, maybe not as ready as I am but ready... I think he's feeling a little defeated because the test came back low motility but he's ready to start popping the TCM I picked up from my naturopath and I've heard zinc and vitamin C is important too. I'm just relieved we can get the consult in before AF shows up although I'd happily take a BFP (Fertile Day 2 today) over cycle monitoring any day but I'm sure that goes without saying.

My naturopath is also looking into what she'd like me to focus on with the thyroid result being 3.1.... I'll keep you posted on that.

I made it through another kick my ass, sweat inducing yoga class tonight and I'm feeling good. Actually in the process of baking up a couple batches of biscotti to take to two events/visits we have this weekend. My friend and yogi teacher extraordinaire is really encouraging me to participate in the retreat coming up next month... 3 days, 10 yoga classes, vegetarian menu in the peace and tranquility of nature... I think she's seeing something in me, my spirit that might be hurting and she has been so amazing and just waiting till I was ready to really take this very physical plunge into my yoga practise. As scared as I am to participate I know that it will be good for me. I think what scares me is the chance that being so focused for a 3 day period on my practise will bring about some kind of emotional release I'm holding onto and not ready to let go of yet... being the tough cookie that I am... okay stubborn might be a better word. I'm a Taurus. But I think it is time to do what makes me uncomfortable. Whether that's in how I approach my small business, relationships or my own physical/emotional/spiritual well being I need to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. But I'll be taking baby steps not leaping from the cliff. It's just who I am and I'm a-ok with that.

For now I leave you with the pictures I had promised of our fur-baby. Yes I said fur-baby. He is the apple of our eye and he lightens up the most awful day regardless of how long we've been gone or how often he gets walks. As long as the cookies keep flowing and he can crash on the bed after DH gets up in the morning he's a pretty happy dog!