Monday, August 10

countdown to SA results

I'm going to wait till Wednesday to call the doc and see if they'll share the results with me or if my DH has to call. It's CD 18 and I'm pretty surprised I haven't gotten the big fertile day 1 on the ov watch yet... I guess you could have an anovulatory cycle... would that mean the watch wouldn't have anything to read?! I'm thinking the answer to that is yes... no ovulation, no surge to read... (touching chin... interestinggggg) hmmmm

So there have been some wacky family stuff going on.... of which I know only because my dad has been filling me in. My sister has decided (my pregnant sister who is due Feb. 2010) she is going to quit her job (yes I said quit) and go to university to become a social worker. Yes you read that right... quit job, pregnant, do fall semester, break for the winter and back to university summer or fall semester. My dad was FREAKING out when he called me last week to fill me in and he pretty much wanted me to call my mom and her bf and tell them what my sister was up to so they could try and stop her... save her from herself.

My sister has been saved from herself by my dad over and over again... after much talk and some slightly louder tones then our usual talks on the phone both myself and my step mom (who was sitting beside dad) we have managed to calm my dad down... he just loves his daughters too much. But where I have had my share of ups and downs, I have hit the wall and fallen down hard on a handful of occasions throughout my childhood and adult life to date... my sister.... not so much. So as awful as it may sound we aren't going to swoop in and fix this, try to save her from her own actions (we'll just get pinned as the bad guys who don't believe in her yada yada yada)... it is time for her to fall down hard and personally I think it best that happens now then later. I imagine something along the lines of she'll quit her really good job (we're talking vehicle allowance, commission, make your own schedule, be your own boss... she could do this without even taking a mat leave), start university, get completely annoyed with all the younger kids in university (she's 27) and eventually drop out but probably not in time to get her money back, live on student loan money until baby arrives and who knows how the rest will go from there. So new family motto when it comes to little sis my step mom and I are reminding my dad to hold close... "stop prolonging the inevitable!" Little sister needs to fall...

Now whether or not my mom and her bf will swoop in once things get really bad? time will tell. My mother likes her money too much to let any of it go and her bf might not stand for sister's shenanigans which would make my mom nervous that he might leave.... yeah we're kind of a crazy family but seriously who's family doesn't have at least some crazy?


Anonymous said...

I hope that the SA results are good =) That's one area where thankfully, we're lucky-I have enough problems for the both of us.

And yes....crazy family-I completely get it. My MIL and SIL are certifiably crazy and of course SIL is incredibly fertile. I firmly believe that everyone has at least a little crazy in their family.

Anne said...

Crossing my finger for you, hope the results are good :)

Malinda said...

thank you ladies!

granola girl.. the reassurance that I'm not the only one with crazy and fertile sister types around is good to know.

Anne... I've been thinking about you lately... hope you're doing ok. How is Riley doing? As crazy as a puppy will make you there is nothing quite like the love of a pup. I took a great picture of Daytona on the weekend.. will have to remember to post tonight or tomorrow.