Tuesday, July 11

Day 29

This came from Sparkpeople.com daily reflections today.
"Valuing time before it is too late. Often our days are busied with worry, stress, complaining, work, and a general wasting of time. Once we finally realize the value of our time, often for many of us it is too late. While your life might seem like a long time in the midst of it, truly it is a blink of an eye. Today, make more time to be present in your life. Even small moments—enjoying a cup of tea, calling a friend, reading a favorite book—should be enjoyed. Restructure your day so that you can get all of your work done, but allow for extra time to be spent on personal matters. Stop procrastinating!"

Foods Eaten
watermelon - 2pts

Ham, veggies + dip - 3pts

beef n' rice w/spinach - 7pts

Pear - 1pt
pudding - 2pts
ice cream - 8pts

Total Points: 23 pts
(allowed 24/day)

Water - 80 fl.oz. of 99

Workout: TJ-3T

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