Wednesday, July 19

Day 37

Today my husband finally rec'd the call we've been hoping for. A new job offer. The company he's currently with has been inconsistent when it comes to hours and they're back peddling hard saying they didn't promise him 40 hrs/wk when he came on full-time. More people with a little common sense would say well lets see he left a good paying job making $4 more /hour to go work for this other company why wouldn't he exact a guarantee of 40 hours/week oh and also he just bought a house in November and got married in May. Give your head a shake why would anyone make a move to less money without knowing they where still going to make 40+ hrs/week so that they knew the bills would be covered!!!! Anyways this new job looks very promising steady income, hours, training provided and uniforms paid for....... Excellent. So next week my husband will be off to do a couple of hours of job training and if he likes it (duh!!!) they'll write up the job offer!! woohooooo

Foods Eaten

banana - 2pts

cucumber, carrots, small piece of chicken - 2pts

chicken curry - 5pts
turkey, cheese - 3pts
pudding - 2pts

wwheat pasta + hamburger n' tomatoe sauce - 10pts


pear - 1pt
fy pop - 2pts

Water - 64 fl.oz. of 99

Total Points:
27 pts
(allowed 24/day)

Workout: no workout

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