Thursday, July 13

Day 31

Got in 2 workouts tonight to make up for missing last night, not that my eating yesterday would have helped. This week has just flown by! I've been pulling double duty as one of the ladies in my office is on vacation so I'm doing some invoicing which is distracting but an interesting change for my afternoons.

Off to NYC next friday night on an over night shopping trip with my step mom, aunt and their gf. I can't wait. we board a bus late friday night, wake up in Manhattan and shop till we drop jump back on the bus late saturday night and they drive us back home. It's going to be insane but a welcome change of pass for the weekend. I spend sometime today planning out some places I want to go.

1. for my husband, the NYC Fire store (he's a volunteer with our city) and
2. B&H photo and video, fingers crossed I can find another lens for my camera!

Foods Eaten
watermelon - 2pts

curry chicken - 5pts

porkchop, potatoes, spinach - 6pts

pear - 1pt
cheese + lean sand. meat - 4pts
frozen yogurt pop - 2pts

Water - 99 fl.oz. of 99

Total Points:
20 pts
(allowed 24/day)

Workout: TJ - CP1 + 3T (figured I better make up for no workout yesterday!)

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