Sunday, July 23

Day 41

So exhausted. made it back to burlington around 7am then drove home. was home around 8:40am, husband made me breakfast and then I gave him all his fire t-shirts and then we popped in a movie and I fell asleep, sleept until noon before he woke me to move me upstairs and then he woke me up at 3pm so I'd be able to sleep all night still. Great trip but something I'd only do once a year unless I was at least one night in a hotel. sleeping 2 nights on a bus is exhausting but I will say we slept so much better on the way home! Out like a light!

Foods Eaten
middle of the night

orea + 1/2 a pepsi - 3pts

eggs + sausage + watermelon - 7pts

1/2 a ham sandwich - 3pts


corn + spinach + roast beef - 10pts


chips - 5pts
licorice - 4pts

Water - 99 fl.oz. of 99

Total Points:
__ pts
(allowed 24/day)

Workout: no workout

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