Thursday, July 27

Day 42 to 45

I can pretty much say this week has been a write off. I've been wiped out by this NYC trip (or perhaps that's just my excuse, yeah probably my excuse knowing me the way I do.

Trying to refocus. I've been consumed by all things baby this week. It's as though it's everywhere I look lately. More and more people we know and I love the hunt for a great deal on ebay and reading/lurking on many blogs to read up on other women's perspectives of motherhood.

But it's not my time yet. I have to start treating my body better and get myself into shape before I'll even try to get pregnant. I want so much to do this the right way. I'm not saying I need to be a skinny minny but I need to respect my body and what it's capable of before we start trying to start a family not only for myself but for my husband and our future and the future of our kids. Who wants to have a lazy ass mom with shit for body image and too tired to play. Not me, the cycle stops here!

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