Saturday, July 15

Day 33

Spent the better part of our day at the Scottish Festival. So awesome! I love the bag pipes. And it makes me feel so close to my Grampy who's been gone now for 2 years. After we finally made our way home around 2:30pm we crashed on the couch and I eventually fell asleep. I little bit too much fresh air and sunlight and not enough water!

Foods Eaten
fruit n yogurt - 3pts

milk - 2pts


chip truck fries 1/2 shared with my husband - 12pts


steak, veggies, rice - 8pts


frozen yogurt lollipop - 2pts
strawberries - 1pts

Water - 64 fl.oz. of 99

Total Points:
28 pts
(allowed 24/day)

Workout: no workout, completely beat by being outside in the sun from 9am to 2:30pm at the scottish festival.

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