Wednesday, January 16

weigh-in this morning and I'm down 0.2lbs but what did I expect when I had KFC, SC and a buffet dinner on Saturday night. At least I didn't go up! eek - a continuous downward fall is what I want to keep on seeing.

We got our elliptical last night and got it all put together. Jamie even worked out last night! I'm so proud of him. this is going to be our year, we're going to make it right and do what needs to be done, not without its ups and downs and set back but we will do it!!!

1. ww toast w/PB + s.milk + cantalop
2. 1 hard boiled eggs + 3/4 c. cheerios + 1/2 c. s.milk
3. leftovers steak and veggies (eat minimal noodles) + hot chocolate frm Tims (220)
4. yogurt + 12 almonds
5. my homemade hamburger helper + salad

Water: 96 fl.oz.

Active: Aquafit tonight! 45 min = 288 cals burned
Great workout tonight, not so many ladies in the pool this time round.

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