Friday, January 18

All I can say is WOW. my reflexology appointment last night was amazing. I kinda felt like I saw a psychic. She pin pointed everything that I already new about my body, emotions are tight, I carry my stress in 3 parts of my back and shoulders and she told me exactly where and it was exactly where I'm adjusted by the chiropractor every time.

She is concerned that I may have endometriosis and was surprised that I have never been diagnosed with it and wanted me to ask the other women in my family if possible what there experiences have been with their cycles. the cramping and constipation I feel during TOM are symptoms of endometriosis and she said basically when the egg is being released there is debris there too and the debri is falling and sort of hardening on my organs. She told me I should be concerned but on top of tracking my cycle I should also be tracking my menstrual pain because it's been such a huge issue for me over the years.

in the TTC area she said the right side was plum and good, my pelvic floor is good but my uterus can be weak at times and kind of fall over which in turn could keep the sperm from making it through, she told me after BD to bring my knees up to my chest and stay on my back for about 10 minutes to keep the passage way open for the sperm. also we talked about labour and she told me that she was a midwife in the UK and women of my height (not quite 5 foot 4) would not be allowed to deliver naturally. I told her my mom is shorter then me and had 2 c-sections. this all makes a shit load of sense to me and although I wish I could have a v-delivery I kind of know in my heart that it will end up being a c-section. but she told me to still go with a midwife and they will allow me to labour naturally and when I've had enough get the epidural and have the c-section. labouring will only make my body stronger.

the sensation I felt through my body as she was going through everything via my feet was something like mint lotion, you know that tingle feeling it can give on your skin, that's how it feels on my insides. I can even feel it this morning across my lower abdomen and I checked my fertility with my saliva tester and I do have ferning!

I'm sure I'll remember more but for now that's it.

1. ww toast w/PB + s.milk
green tea @ work
2. 3/4 c. cheerios + s.milk
3. chicken + veg soup + orange
4. veggies + dip
5. yogurt + almonds
6. theo's chicken souvlaki dinner (but I only eat half of it + the salad that came with)

Water: 107 fl.oz.


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