Wednesday, January 9

okay official weigh-in this morning 215! was 214.5 earlier this week but its that time of the month so I'm feelin' a little bloated still.

got my new swimsuit for aquafit last night, ordered it from the sears catalogue, 2 sizes and I'm happy to say I sent the bigger/larger size back. Aquafit starts next week, I signed up for 2 nights a week, Mon/Wed. and I'll start adding some of my DVD workouts to the mix too.

1. ww toast + PB + s.milk
2. 2 hard boiled eggs
3. veggies + dip
4. orange
5. blue menu pizza (500 cal for whole thing)
6. donut, peeps marshmellows chicks, cream egg, ice cream (oh dear, well what's done is done, onto tomorrow!)

Water: 64 fl. oz.

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