Wednesday, January 30


So it's Wednesday and my little sister, flew in from NB last night, she's at my Dad and step mom's though and this weekend we are all going to meet up at the cottage a.k.a. Hanover. I love my sister very much be we could not be more complete opposites MOST of the time and I have a confession to make... I've been dreading her visit just a little. Over a year ago she joined weight watchers and lost a TON of weight. Her initial motive was my wedding day, yes I said my as in my day and I on the other hand couldn't drop more then 5 pounds before the big day (probably didn't help that the dress already fit and if I lost too much I would have no dress that fit). Anyways my sister looks great but sometimes she says really stupid things like "you have so much to loose, you'll drop lots of weight really fast" and the only comfort I take away from watching her going on and on about food and what she does or doesn't do is that she ......get ready for it.... smokes! She smokes and how is that keeping her healthy. I worry about her. I worry that she's lost all this weight in the most unhealthy way and it's going to come back and bit her in the ass. But if I try to offer something up about being healthy and taking care of yourself it's brushed off cause I feel she's thinking "how do you know what's healthy? look at you!"

I want this to be a great weekend, I know it will be. I just hope I've got myself in the best place possible that all the little jabs from person 1 and 2 will be kept to a minimum AND to top it off if TOM arrives this Sunday.... well it means we are onto try #6 so there will be the disappointment to shake off once again.

On a positive note the scale moved again and I lost almost 1 pound this week. I'm okay with this considering the minimal amount of physical actively I've been doing. And "they" say 1 to 2 pounds per week is what I should be aiming for.

1. cheerios + s.milk
1 green tea
2. 20 almonds

3. 5 olives + hummus + 5 mini pitas + 2 hard boiled eggs
4. yogurt + kiwi + g.flax
1/2 blue label pizza (250 cal) + salad + 2 spring rolls (220 cal)
6. 2 dark chocolate squares (105 cal) - saving this for after aquafit, have to drive past a tim's to get to aquafit and sometimes I so just want a box of timbits, I looked it up 5 - honey dip and 5 - chocolate is almost 800 cal) - yuck!

Water: 88 fl. oz.

Active: Aquafit tonight!

Trying to be oh so good this week because the weekend will bring temptation!

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