Saturday, June 13


I am beyond crushed.... this morning after I got a call from my sister... she is pregnant

I know I have said a hundred times before that I have never felt crushed from friends making that big announcement but this time is SO different... this is my little sister, 4 years younger... she smokes, she drinks all the time, she had an abortion at 15, she has an IUD in, she is engaged but after setting a date they called off the wedding plans in January.... and now she is 6 weeks pregnant.

Why couldn't she have kept this to herself for just a few weeks longer?

edited to add: It was exactly 12 years ago to this exact day that I graduated from high school and it was also the day my little sister told me she was pregnant.

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Christy said...

Oh M - I'm so sorry. I can imagine how crushing news like this is. xo