Monday, June 8

ov watch

so not good at this blogging thing LOL.... it's been awhile.

I just had to tell blog world that I just ordered it! It will ship Friday and should be here just in time for my next cycle.

The OV Watch... :-)

I'm really excited about trying this thing out... I love what the testimonials have to say about taking the stress out of trying or knowing when the optimal window for trying really is. I know what I think it is but having something tell me.... woohooo sign me up.

I bought the kit that comes with 4 months worth of sensors. I figure I can either hold onto the watch and sell the sensors on ebay or sell sensors + watch on ebay at a later day... You can find a handful of these for sale on ebay and they always go for the same price if not more then what they are selling for on the ov watch site.

I've been mulling over this purchase for a while now and I just thought, screw it.... I think this is a far smaller investment overall then finding ourselves in the fertility clinic just yet (I'm deathly afraid of the stress that could come on both of us financially, physically and mentally). Still going to move forward with whatever our family doctor can do for us, DH - SA test and perhaps ultrasounds for me in the near future but this little watch is surely going to take the stress out of the TTC game as it stands right now.

more ov watch related posted to follow in the coming weeks I'm sure.

in other news... I bought a size smaller yesterday at Reitmans... new pair of pants and also a skort.... a freakin skort (looks like a short skirt all the way around, not just in the front)... I haven't worn a skirt or shorts in such a long time... drawing the line at capri pants. I guess I'm doing better on the food front then I thought.... and the Happy Sense stuff.... loving those little happy pills.... has helped tremendously with my blues and also I guess with the weight (I refuse to get on a scale as I know how quickly it will screw with my thoughts and send me on a downward spiral)

Yesterday my DH and I where talking about how exhausted we both are... even though its not TTC time all the time it feels like we're always trying even if we aren't baby dancing? does that make any sense to you ladies? It is so exhausting! I'm not stressing about having another period or how sad that will be I'm just looking after me, one day at a time. And waiting patiently for my ov watch to arrive!!! wooohoooo!


fresh images said...

Your positive attitude makes my heart warm.

Malinda said...

thank you Margie!!!!