Thursday, June 11


feeling very tired this afternoon... not sure if I just need some air or if perhaps my late nights are catching up to me... they aren't as late as they've been in the past but I can feel myself slipping back into that routine again... must correct it!! I really did feel more accomplished getting up earlier and to bed by 10

Off to yoga tonight and then onto a massage. but this time a lymphatic drainage massage. when I saw the reflexologist last week she thought this could be an area that is causing me problems and she grabbed a hold of the inside/side of my knee and she said "this hurts doesn't it?" and it DOES! I've always known that it does but thought it was a result of my weight... well yes it's weight but it could be my lymphatic system not draining properly... I"m expecting a very relaxing massage a quite drive home and then epson salt bath and bed. I just wish I didn't have to do a 30 minute drive home... hope this massage doesn't knock me out completely and I wake up feeling a little more alive in the morning! lol

okay heading over to yoga and will take a little walk as I wait for the teacher to arrive... I'm always early... I mean really there is no point in driving home just to turn around and come back again in time for a class... that is why I LOVE the 5:30 class!!

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