Thursday, June 25


The OV watch arrived today and the fed ex guy read my note about all the options and he took it straight to my neighbors place and she signed for it!!! I knew I could count on her!!! She just called me to let me know the package was at her place.... I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED TO GET THIS THING!!! Can you imagine when we get a BFP!!! I want to sing and dance but I'm at work, in my cubicle and can't get this perma grin off my face!!!!

It's CD 2, perfect night to start wearing the watch.. way crazy cramps this morning... I actually stayed home till about 10:30 just to get the ibuprofin working good and of course my heating pad on HIGH!! Now sitting at my desk... with my heating pad on HIGH and popping some menstral tylenol and day dreaming about ripping into the package like a 4 year old on christmas morning!!!!

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Christy said...

I'm SO happy it made it here on time!!!!!