Friday, June 26


I am struggling this... oh crap it's still before noon? yuck. having a hard time focusing and keeping my eyes open. I just want to curl up and take a nap SO badly.

First night with the ov watch was uneventful... as expected it said NF (Not Fertile)... I do find the strap a little tight and I think I might order the strap extender... something they came up with because this is a usual complaint based on what I've read.

I am curious as to when the Fertile Day 1 will pop up... will it be the same day I think it is? The day I think it is hasn't worked to date! lol

Based on the months that I have bothered to try and get a positive OPK... they have been saying CD 17 or 22... that's quite the gap! Time will tell.......

Happy Weekend! My DH and I + dog are off to my dad and step mom's place just outside Hanover.... we like to call it the Lakehouse.. cottage just doesn't seem to work. So we'll be chill-axing up there this weekend and we both have Monday off so we'll get two full days out of the weekend before making our way home Monday morning. Then I work Tuesday before I'm off again and not back in the office until the following Wednesday... I hope I can make it a truly productive holiday!!!! so much I want to get done just need to keep my ambition flowing.

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