Tuesday, June 16

lymphatic massage

so after my crazy weekend news I haven't updated about my lymphatic drainage massage... it was awesome... pretty crazy massage in comparison to my usual deep tissue but I felt kind of light afterwards... hard to explain. I wasn't as tired as I thought I would be but that's really not a bad thing. She really went to work on my body and moving around tissues like crazy and lots of oil.

I booked a second one to do the front of me (last time she did the back of my body) for Wednesday night so we'll see how that goes. I think I'm done spending money after this... at least once we put the ov watch to good use and see how a month or two of that goes. I bought a 4 month supply of sensors because I don't consider myself lucky enough to have it work for us on the 1st month out... will continue with finally getting DH semen analysis done and cross that off the list so we can pursue some other testing for myself.

I've even considered colon hydrotherapy (*embarrassed). One of my friend's had this done and they too had trouble conceiving and she swears it is what worked for them as one month later she was pregnant. I can kind of see how having this done would take some pressure off the internal organs and perhaps just provide that little bight of room for tubes to be wide open to make sure egg gets to where it needs to be.

Still so many holistic/naturopathic approaches left to try I guess but still really REALLY want some kind of testing as to whether or not my tubes are blocked at all.

Onward with another day... countdown has started to my next period and of course waiting for the most awesome ov watch to arrive. Was told it would take a week so I'm hoping on or before Friday which is also CD 30 and probably will start my cycle by then. I have to start wearing it to bed on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd day of a new cycle. I'm really interested on when it will say the window opens and how that will differ from what I've charted in the past and what I think the window is.. cause obviously my idea of the window isn't working out so great.

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