Tuesday, June 30

time off...

... after today it's back to vacation mode or more like... get my own shit done mode... where I can dictate what I do or don't do in a day... not back to work until July 8th! oh that is going to be so wonderful :-)

Yesterday my DH and I both had the day off together and it was so awesome to have the day and do whatever we wanted.

today is CD 7 and 5 nights in with wearing the ov watch to bed... still reading NF which isn't a big surprise obviously.

So I'm hoping to give the house a really good once over... it needs it badly as we seem to have been doing the bare minimum with our busy schedules as of late but a clean house jut feels good and I can't stand the build up of clutter anymore. Why is it every time you purge a home and get it to one point that point eventually passes and you feel like you haven't done anything at all? Kinda frustrating.

Nothing new and exciting it would seem... just playing the waiting game until this little watch flashes "go time" lol

Happy Canada Day!!!!

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