Wednesday, June 10

renewed hope

I have this huge sense of hope and excitement for this little watch that should arrive sometime next week.

I'm looking at baby things online again, searching ebay, thinking about moving the office, baby things, maternity clothes etc... I haven't done that in MONTHS!!

I will try not to get too wrapped up in all that stuff but I just feel like we are closer then ever to finally conceiving. I've talked before about what a journey this whole TTC train ride has been and I guess perhaps now finally we're finding ourselves in just the right place for baby to join our lives.

Perhaps I'm just a perpetual optimist but if knowing that if I can't believe it and see it and feel it... it may never happen... so I keep on hoping, day dreaming and smiling that we'll hold a very special secret just my husband and I in the months to come.


toying with the idea again of making this blog private so if you can't see it right away one day and you've been lurking for awhile just drop me an email and let me know you'd like to keep on following our TTC to belly to baby journey!

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