Friday, June 26

Michael Jackson

Yeah I know I'm sure you've seen all kinds of stuff about him and when I received the email via my iPhone while standing in line at the rogers store I just couldn't believe it... my thoughts went straight to his kids but then this morning... oh dear... of course my favorite radio station CHUM FM in Toronto is playing only his songs and talking about their memories and people are calling in telling their stories, their playing audio clips and I really started to remember all those memories, my own MJ memories from so very long ago. And maybe shed a tear or two for him and maybe more likely for my own childhood and what use to be, for those memories that don't stay close to the surface as they get pushed down further and further with all the to do's of what is my day to day life now.

So today I'm remembering my childhood and my Dad blasting music from his workshop, popping his head out to let us know... "I'm going to start the saw now".... "ok dad".....

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