Wednesday, June 24

ov watch wait

okay even though I've ordered that little thing well in advance of when I needed it customs had a different plan and it has been held up in Mississauga waiting for the shipper to forward the appropriate paperwork... which I've been told now on two occasions that yes it has been and yesterday told that the watch will be released today to go out... I'm not the only one waiting for this thing... I can see via the tracking number they gave me that 12 orders went out on the 12th and 1 was actually delivered but the other 11 are still waiting for clearance?? and have been since June 15th!!!!!

I told the customer support lady that my body is waiting for this watch.. lol Until this morning I hadn't started my cycle yet and yesterday was CD 34... that is really odd for me but like I said it showed up this morning.

So I've left a note on the door today... "Hello Fed.Ex" asking that if no one is home to sign they can leave it with my neighbor or just leave a pick up card cause well we work and won't be home the next day either... so here is hoping that it gets here ASAP cause I have to start wearing it to bed today, Thursday or Friday for it to work this cycle.

Care to place any bets? I'm trying not to get my hopes up at this point that it will be here in time.. pretty bummed that we won't get to see the ov watch work its magic this month so let's hope my cycle doesn't last 34 days this time and a nice speedy 29 so we can put the ov watch to work.

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