Monday, July 13

another week

here we go... another week... I want so much to make it a productive one. I seem to be struggling in crossing things off the to do list and it's starting to get to me. It's as though there is so much to do (or that I want to do) that when I sit down to work I can't seem to really get going and end up piddling around on the internet and being absolutely distracted by anything and everything that doesn't need to be done RIGHT now.

So I need to bite off a smaller chunk, a piece at a time but which piece? Of course while being distracted yesterday I remembered a podcast my gf Margie had mentioned (Hi Margie!) on productivity/workflow and I decided to download that and listen as I tried to get my work mojo going but then it pointed me to new tools for organization and to do lists (which makes my mouth water with excitement.. yeah I'm a geek like that) and then I was off downloading and learning about a new program to keep me organized and productive. So eventually I just decided after about 4 hours of accomplishing little that I was just going to step away... get out of my office and enjoy dinner with my husband and do 2 loads of laundry so I felt like I got something done yesterday.

Now time to do some employer related work and cross some of those things off the list too....

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margie said...

I have two tabs open in my web browser right now just waiting for me to do research on how to become more productive. I totally get you! (Only instead of being distracted by the internet or other things, I'm reading Twilight obsessively. (don't judge!) :)