Thursday, July 9

TTC is a waiting game

CD 16

I was half asleep as my husband checked the ov watch again this morning and literally dropped my arm I think cause he was a little disappointed with the big NF on it. LOL In previous months we've tried the every other day baby dancing from day 10 to 20 but that can be pretty exhausting so it ultimately looked like every third day and of course still no baby... so we're both pretty curious as to when this watch is going to show the coveted green light 'Fertile Day 1' to know that we've hit the window dead on the two week wait to test is going to be just plain torture this month... probably more so then ever before... I'll be doing lots of deep breathing, yoga and keep myself as busy and distracted as possible!!

Think I'll start building a to do list for those couple of weeks now....

1. finish office purge/move and set up
2. update photography website with new portfolio items
3. go for walks with Daytona
4. rent some chick flicks unrelated to baby or pregnancy
5. do all small biz bookkeeping to day for 2009
6. set up online booking function via photography website
7. yoga, yoga, yoga
8. .... I'm sure I can think of some more things as I go but this is a solid start.

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