Monday, July 20

guess who's coming to visit? sister!

yup she forwarded an email to both myself and dad's email address with her flight itenerary (nothing else written in the email just a forward of the itenrary... she didn't even call either of us to ask if she could come... I'm sure she thinks we'll all be tickled pink to have her visit and show of her baby belly. I'm pretty sure she's thinking "I'll be half way through my pregnancy and can go shopping in (city) and get so much more then I can get in (city)."

The dates are early October... a Thursday to a Monday.... a weekend that I've already booked up with work/photo shoots (ok so my nose is growing slightly but that's the story I'm sticking to until I decide if I want or can see her). And my dad and step mom might actually be heading east that weekend... why wouldn't she have bothered to ask us if she could come... if it was okay? if we where available? You'd think when you're dropping $350+ on a flight you'd want to know the people you're coming to see are going to be home.... right? am I wrong here?

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