Friday, July 10


Last night I was a bight of a keener and took not one but two yoga classes but in my defense it was two pretty wonderfully simple classes.

First up Foundations... continued learning of the basics, to work into the pose, mindful of breath, of thought and self... lovely. Then I decided to run a few errants as I had an hour and a half to kill before the next one at 8:30pm... Restorative!

OMG! This is only the second time I've taken Melanie's class (being that I live another 30 minutes north of my place of work I never want to do double the driving in one day) and I'm SO hooked... restorative is kinda like giving yourself the most special gift you could give. A wonderful series of stretches, twists, breath, oms and aaahhhhs! All truly wonderful things come in small packages and Melanie fits perfectly.... her voice throughout the class a constant reminder to bring yourself back to that precise moment, to let all thoughts go to turn off the sub conscience mind and just be present. An absolute release from everything cluttering the mind and body on any given day. And then the icing on the cake... Melanie quietly tip toes from person to person... picking up one arm gently while laying in savasana (on your back arms to the side, palms up, ready to receive) her hands slick with the most wonderful oil/lotion/scent concoction as she lightly pulls your arm, one at a time, to one side, then the other, then gently down again with a soft push against my palm as her finger tips push mine to open up just a little bight more with the most wonderful softest touch....

Yummy yummy class it was! I don't get home until 10:30pm but it is SO worth the late night.

And on the ov watch front.....CD 17! AND Fertile DAY 1!!!!!!!
I was up at 12:30am to go to the bathroom and looked at the watch and couldn't beleive it when I saw the display had changed from NF to Fertile Day 1.... :-) Can you guess how we celebrated?!!!! LOL ...based on the CD 17 today that puts the ov watch prediction for ovulation on CD 21 (Tuesday) and after a quick look at my charts on from the months I did track... I'm thinking we've been missing the boat completely.... showing up to early to the party and when we went back it was over!


Christy said...

That's awesome that the watch finally switched to Fertile Day 1!!! And it's rather reassuring that it looks like you guys have been missing the boat, so maybe this is the first insight to when you should be trying! Good luck!!!

Malinda said...

I can't tell you stupid I'm going to feel if we do get that BFP this month... to think we've actually been missing the "window" all this time!!!! But whatever... it's been a journey, lots of learning and everything happens for a reason.