Friday, July 24


she's here... another period.



posted this to the side bar... where we've been and what we've (I) have tried to date...
- Started TTC Sept. 2007
- have taken a couple of months off here and there so I can't honestly way we've been trying full out for almost 2 years... just feels that way
- Oct. '07 - started temping
- Dec. '07, threw in the saliva scope too
- Mar. '08, OPK's used most months but not every
- Apr. '08 - stopped temping
- couple sessions of reflexology here and there
- May '09 - 1st visit to naturopath re: fertility + started Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC)
- July '08 - handful of sessions with therapist
- Aug. '08 - stopped TMC, tired of taking 18 pills a day
- Oct. '08 - both started taking Fertile Aid
- Feb. '09 - stopped taking Fertile Aid
- Mar. '09 - started adding acupuncture to the mix + yoga 2x/wk.
- June '09 - 2 session of lymphatic massage + reflexology
- saw family Doc May 1, 2009 (SA requisition for DH and thyroid bloodwork for me)
- June '09 - bought ov watch
- July '09 - 1st cycle using ov watch, no luck
- July 24, DH still hasn't done SA and I have not followed up on my bloodwork but will cross both those things off the list this cycle.


JMPS said...

I found you on twitter... Myself & DH have been TTC since Sept.07 too! I know what you are going through. We have had all the tests and up until about a month ago, there was nothing. I went to an RE who then diagnosed me with PCOS. Thanks to my reg. OBGYN, I wasted alot of time and money not knowing the deal. This is my 5th round of clomid and I started an IUI this month ($800 my ins. doesn't cover), and I don't think it worked! FML!!!! You are not alone!

Malinda said...

The fertility clinic here has an excellent reputation. I'm thinking of having my cycle monitored to see what's up. Drives me crazy that I'm regular but no BFP yet.

$800 for an IUI!!! Wow! I'm told it costs $200 here but who knows if that's an all inclusive kinda price.

Sending you lots of sticky vibes your way for a successful cycle!!!!