Wednesday, July 15

what is that in my ear?

so last night I had a great class at yoga although slightly rushed as I didn't stay to enjoy shavasana/meditation but headed off to see my naturopath for an acupuncture treatment at 7... so 10pm rolls around and I'm at home catching up with my dad on the phone and I'm switching my cell from side to side and then I touch me ear... what the hell is that?!

We where talking small business networking the whole time pretty much and I didn't realize that my naturopath has placed 2 small balls to part of my upper ear, sort of inside with tape... I sent her an email last night... did you forget something in my ear or should I leave these in? LOL I got my reply this morning and was told it has to do with keeping anxiety at bay and to keep them in for as long as I can possibly stand... and ever since I found them last night I'm completely conscience of them... or perhaps I'm just conscience of the fact I need to breath deep and chill out for these next couple of weeks. A physical reminder if you will like string tied to a finger! :-)

I have another session with her on Thursday too... fingers crossed DH sperm have caught the egg and are getting to work! Last night on the drive home I had these thoughts of cartoon sperm hanging out waiting for the egg to make it's entrance... pictured them reading magazines, playing ping pong... like a bunch of guys hanging out in a college rec room or something. LOL Yes I know I'm a bit of a goof! But the thought just makes me smile and it's hard not to laugh and tell someone what I'm thinking... so I get to tell you instead.

Very excited about some new ideas and steps I'm taking with my small business... things are just kind of lining up with regard to a weekly networking opportunity and I think it's time to make the commitement to myself and my future in small business. That is the plan afterall to hold out in my full time gig, get my 1 year of mat leave and just keep on trucking with my small business, never actually going back to the full time job. I'm going to check out a meeting on Friday, very early in the a.m..... so we'll see!

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