Wednesday, July 22

I bought...

a bella band... found it on ebay and I just couldn't pass it up... the price was beyond a good deal... $5!!! I just hope I'll get to put it to good use sooner then later.

In the past I've worried about buying baby things and that perhaps I'm jinxing myself but I've only purchased about a drawer full of things. Things that are special and unique for the most part or a crazy good deal. Like the diaper shirts from the original NYC fire store, or knit booties that look like fireman boots (my husband's a volunteer firefighter), or the bjorn carrier that I scored on ebay at such a great price and a handful of other stuff. All these things where generally purchased in those early months of TTC and usually when I was on a shopping trip with my step mom and girlfriends. I'm not frequenting the baby section at Old Navy looking for the clearence stuff to pad the drawers of the dresser that will sit in the nursery.

I feel for the most part I've done the research, know what I like, what I want and what I wouldn't waste my money on or anyone elses for that matter. Now it's just a wait and see game. Hopefully we'll see that BFP soon and I'll know I've safely landed on the other side of that leap from not pregnant to pregnant! :-)

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