Monday, July 27

the next step

okay even though I've sort of been determined in the past that we're going to get pregnant before stepping foot into a fertility clinic I've decided that was just a cover for my being completely scared of said fertility clinic.

this weekend my most amazing and sweet husband was pretty bummed that we didn't conceive this month and he's going to get the SA done and out of the way but he asked that I contact our local fertility clinic to see if they make it any easier (I think I mentioned the craziness of this here before... collect sample as close to 12:30pm and drop off at lab so it can basically catch the bus to another city, oh and only on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays).

So this morning I fired off an email to see about the SA stuff and also a cycle monitoring for myself to see what's going on... *fingers crossed* we get a quick response and then we'll take it from there.

I've got the ov watch locked and loaded with a new sensor and I'm kinda relieved I got the ick side of my period out of the way on the weekend rather then struggling to get through work all high on Tylenol and heating pad dependent. Hard to believe we're already on CD 4... last month we got a Fertile Day 1 on CD 17. And I've already scheduled a couple of acupuncture sessions loosely based on last month window of opportunity.

I also took my sister out of my news feed on FB so hopefully that works and I stop seeing this kind of crap....

this might seem really sweet to some of you and oh look she even changed the picture to be one of her and I... but my sister is selfish and this is only to bring attention to herself.... in her 27 years... it's basically what I've come to expect from her but at the moment I'm seriously considering just out right blocking her to save my own sanity and not have her words get me all fired up when I don't want to be. I find some comfort though in the fact that she has so many people from my circle of childhood friends on her friends list and not one of them has commented on her silly FB status updates.

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