Wednesday, July 22

i have the SWEETEST husband

someone told him yesterday about some guy who has a storage space business... someone stiffed him on the rent and then the owner hasn't been able to get a hold of him so instead he's opened up the storage space and is selling off everything that's in it. I guess what's in it is new stuff because my husband said we're going for a drive this weekend to check it out... why are we going? because he heard their where eddie bauer strollers for only $50!

It always takes me back when he comes out with things baby related. It reminds me so quickly that I'm not the only one hoping so very much that this will finally happen for us soon.

Last week it was names... he said if it's a girl he'd like her to have the middle name Anna or (my mind is drawing a blank on the second..oops), his grandmothers first names, both of whom aren't with us anymore but had such an amazing influence on him... I think he really got that maternal love from his grandmothers more then his own mom most of the time. At Easter through our crazy driving to see both sides of the family weekend we took a detour on our way to see his parents and Opa to visit his grandmother & grandfather's grave (on his dad's side), but the talk was mostly about his grammy. I was so touched that he did that and shared it with me. We ended up being terribly late but it didn't matter, he needed to do that and we didn't tell anyone at dinner what took us so long.

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