Wednesday, July 29

fertility clinic

I got a reply to my email sent to the fertility clinic on Monday. I'm kinda excited about it...

1. she told me that I can take my husband's SA sample directly to the hospital 30 minutes away to the outpatient lab vs the collect as close to 12:30pm crap and drop off at lab to be driven to hospital 30 minutes away he and I have been stressing about since the first of May

that means we'll get it done and out of the way next week PERFECT!!!

2. consult is $125 and cycle monitoring is $120/cycle (blood work and U/S are covered by gov. thank you Canada)

RN said best time to reach her was in the a.m. so I'm going to call tomorrow to book a consult hopefully before my next cycle is due (Aug. 21/22) and then fingers crossed if SA is good I can get going with a cycle monitoring by the next cycle (if we don't get pregnant) to see what is up with my body!

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