Thursday, July 16


Sunday afternoon I get this text from my sister...

sister: so if i send ya some money via email will you pick me up some maternity pants at old navy? we don't have it here? side note: she's 10 wks

me: what about (city)? you probably want to be able to try'em on... just checked site... (city) has maternity stuff

sister: they do? I've never seen it in there

me: website says it does. maybe call them to ask

sister: I'll try them friday. i'm in meetings that day so on my way home I can pop in

this is the problem I have with my sister... she doesn't know how to do anything for herself. She has to travel to the (city) on a regular basis for her job... she could have easily called or checked website or just looked next time she was there. I can't imagine anything worst then going to old navy to shop for mat clothes for my sister and having the cashier say something like... when are you due? ah yeah these are for my little sister who didn't mean to get pregnant just yet. as if I don't have enough on my plate already with my own stuff

is she trying to include me somehow? talking with my dad this week it is very clear that in her 27 years here with us she only thinks about how everyone else is effecting her, how it makes her feel and NEVER actually steps back and acknowledge how her actions are effecting others. if her goal is to include me somehow (which I know it isn't really) then i would have rec'd a call with the big question about testing for downs/FAS etc and should she do it... this was the questions she had been throwing at my family but she didn't ask me that question. My dad didn't know what to think... I'm 31...he's been out of the pregnancy loop for awhile and didn't know why or what test she was talking about and got pretty worried about what she was up too till I calmed him down a bit letting him know it wasn't uncommon testing but the decision as I understood it was up to the parent.

In an email I rec'd from her last week she mentioned wanting to share her pregnancy with me every step of the way.... I haven't replied to it, doesn't really call for it but I don't want or need her to do that... if she pushes this share stuff anymore I'll put my foot down to re-establish the boundaries that need to be set but in the meantime I'm just kinda coasting along trying to make sure my focus is on us and to just shake my head whenever she comes up and move along.

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