Wednesday, July 8

here I am

WOW such a great holiday.. spent mostly at home and working on my own small business stuff, sleeping in, photo shoots, little cottage time, started decluttering my office (work in progress there), catching up with friend and fellow photog while dinning and shopping at Ikea, relaxing on the couch all afternoon with our pup AND finally getting a good layer cleaned up all over our house.... we can't seem to just keep things at one point of clean its always a big overhaul kind of clean... you know the kind when you finally vacuum the lamp shades, move the kitchen chairs to wash the floor, run the vacuum attachements over the baseboards and corners of the room etc. LOL

And now I have a 3 day work week ahead of me, massage tonight, yoga tomorrow and a photo shoot on saturday morning!!! I'm hoping next week, working a full 5 day week won't kill me! LOL

Still no Fertile Day 1 on the ov watch... my husband has been checking every morning before I'm even awake yet.. he's ready to baby dance! :-) .... so far we're CD 15. Last night he mentioned that it seems like in previous months we had started the baby dance earlier (usually tried to BD every other day CD 10 to 20) so it will be intereting to see when the watch says 'go' because obviously our timing hasn't worked to date.

I'm REALLY excited and so hopefull that we'll have success within the next few months :-)

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