Friday, July 17

tooth picks...

... I need some... to keep my eyes open this afternoon.

Up at 5:30am this morning to head to a networking breakfast as another small business persons guests.... it's a pretty big investment both in money and in time but I think I need to take this opportunity for me, for my business and for the possibilities it holds. Primarily getting out of the employee world and back into being a full-time entrepreneur. Just admitting that and being so close and ready to take this leap again, putting one fool over the line is freaking me out a little but at the same time I feel a little like the me I thought I was 4 years ago. Mortgage and bills will change a new small business owners perspective on the world... especially when employment made it so much easier to get a house and of course mat leave but who could have known it would take this long to get pregnant and get back to my small business on my terms? not I!

After work it's off to the salon for a hair cut and hope to veg out! Maybe a 20 minute nap to give me some zing to get the studio all set up before my shoot tomorrow morning.... yeah!!!

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